Overcoming Procrastination- My Practical Guidebook

There was a time in my life where I was surrounded by a hundred ideas I had worked on but had accomplished none. The kind of emptiness I had started to feel was crushing me a little from within and my depression levels hit an all-time high.

I had always been a bright student and I saw all my friends doing so exceptionally well in their career and there I was, barely making my ends meet. I could clearly outdo all of them but all my bright ideas were sitting in half-finished status, leaving me in a haywire condition. That is when I finally realized that I needed to do something.

I set out to find the real problem which has been stopping me from succeeding and the answer came in the form of procrastination. It wasn’t like I lacked ideas or talent but I realized my habit to procrastinate was stopping me from converting these ideas to values.

I started looking for procrastination help and read as many articles as I could. I chanced upon this video which shed light on how to deal with procrastinating and it immediately caught my attention.

I started making a guidebook wherein I outlined every step I learned and it didn’t take me long to realize that I could undo the mistakes I have been doing. Every tip and helpful pointer gave me an awareness I wanted to implement in my schedule.

Here are some of the pointers and practical tips I want you to implement as well of you too are looking to beat procrastination.

  • Find a reason: first of all, you need to find a reason as to why you have to stop procrastinating immediately. When you get a strong reason, it will give you the incentive to put in the best effort.
  • Journal: now make sure to maintain a journal. Outline as many details of the tasks as you can. Set reminders for different task and keep tabs on the progress as well.
  • Read: do not stop reading. Keep looking for inspiration at the right places and hopefully, you will be able to sort out the mess.
  • Meditate: last but not the least, be ready to meditate as it will improve your focus and attention and give you the peace of mind. These are all very important factors in making sure you can stop procrastinating and become successful.