“Tell Me About Yourself?” With 3 Tips

Job interviews give tense for every applicant, regardless of language or any position/job.

However, interviewing in English? I realize it may be disturbing and horrifying. You will experience performance strain to assess your English abilities.

Let’s begin with the first and regularly the toughest question: “tell me about yourself?”

What does it genuinely convey? What does the HR manager desire? What does needs to say or not?

There are numerous motives behind using for this query:

  • Start a verbal exchange
  • Get the first impact of your self
  • Examine who you are
  • What you need to provide
  • Short appraisal if you may be an excellent choice for the position

Undoubtedly, this is crucial for the interview. Because it’s miles often the primary query, it will be your opportunity to introduce yourself and you need to do it correctly.

The most cooling information is that no matter how concerned you are right now, you could solve that question with a hundred percent self-assurance in English.

I understand that you need to specify yourself without compulsion in English. You want to appear smart, professional and self-assured.


You may check out this YouTube video below for more helpful tips about tell me about yourself.


3 Tips on how to answer


Tip 1: Pick the Right Center of Attention

  • Do Not: Sharing your life story in an interview.
  • Do’s: awareness to your knowledge, experience, accomplishments and strengths that are related to the position.

The factor of this query is to discover and determine if this is suitable job for the applicant. The HR manager does not want to know your tale about your life.

The excellent response for this query, the candidate, needs to emphasize his professional abilities, achievements, and objective associated with certain job or position.


Tip 2: Keep Your Focus Applicable

  • Do Not: Repeat the CV with phrase by phrase or word by word
  • Do’s: Give a short review of your best achievements/fortitude


Tip 3: Prepare to Response

  • Do Not: speak to the interviewer for a long time
  • Do’s: Prepare a specific response, adequately organized and adequately exercised