The Right Fit For A Job

A job interview is not only your opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise, but it is also your chance to show your personality. Hiring managers place a great deal of importance on your qualifications, but they also consider your character traits when deciding whether you should be hired or not.

If you have greatly impressed the hiring manager during your interview, chances are, he or she will no longer ask you why they should hire you. However, there are still some interviewers who ask this question even if they already find the candidate to be a good pick. They do this for several reasons. Sometimes, your hiring manager just wants to see how you would promote yourself. They want to see what makes you unique. Sometimes, they just need that extra factor to affirm their decisions or to help them decide between two equally impressive candidates.

You need to realize that this is not just a random question. If you answer it well, it can significantly increase your chances of getting hired. Now, what is the right approach in answering this question? How do you convince your interviewer that you are the right fit for the position? Are you looking for more career tips? Try checking out The Career Mastery website. It has many useful articles like job interview question what are your weaknesses that can help you advance your career.

You can begin by visualizing. Think about the qualities you have that the other candidates most likely have as well. If the job requires an MBA, then your competitors probably have an MBA too. So, you can’t really say that your edge is your MBA degree. Think about your talents, skills, and achievements that are not very common. It is recommended that you talk about those unique points if you want to stand out. Remember that the competition is tough. The most ideal thing to do here is to let the hiring manager know the things that only you can offer or contribute to them.

You can also answer this question by discussing your activities outside of work. Use them to show your best character traits. For example, if you volunteer in your free time, it can imply that you are someone who is dedicated and committed to a cause. Or if you engage in competitive sport, it can show that you possess discipline and a competitive spirit. Everyone has those special character traits. All you need to do is to figure out the best way to illustrate them. It is better to use real life examples so it doesn’t appear like you are just putting yourself in a pedestal to appear impressive. You can find more info here that can give you a solid information to advance your career.

Also, it is best to steer clear of generic or cliché answers. Always back your claims with real examples and accomplishments. If you have successfully worked with over a hundred clients last year, then provide details. Explain the nature of the projects, the actions you have taken, and the results that were achieved. Like what was mentioned earlier, it is always better to share actual experiences. Talking about your accomplishments in detail gives you credibility as well.