The Value Of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is highly valuable in nearly all aspects of your life, especially with regards to your work and career. Managing issues in an organization is never simple. In any working environment, you will frequently have to overcome various types of complex issues. Critical thinking enables groups to accomplish ideal outcomes regardless of how basic or complex it is.

The process of critical thinking is a very effective method of problem solving. It differs from your standard way of thinking because it allows you to see the factors that cannot be easily seen.

What critical thinking is about or importance of critical thinking

When you face a problem, your first reaction is to solve it. This is normal. After all, no one wants to deal with problems. You just want to get rid of it right away with the most viable solution. It’s as simple as that. But critical thinking is different.

For example, you are frequently late for work. So you tell yourself that you will just wake up early and leave the house earlier than your usual time. But then you still arrive late for work. What’s wrong? In this situation, you need to figure out what’s really causing your tardiness. At first, you think that you’re just not allocating enough time for your travel. But when you left the house early, you still arrived late. Maybe you need to look at the other factors. Could there be something wrong with the route that you take? Is there a possibility that an issue with public transportation is the real problem? There could be many other factors that are adding up so think about it thoroughly.

Let’s look at another example. Your team is not being as productive as it should be, so the management decides to hire more people to join the team. However, it did not help enhance the team’s productivity. Maybe the number of people in the team is not the real issue. In this case, the management needs to consider other factors. Is there a problem with how the tasks are delegated?  Maybe there is a problem with how activities are done? Could it be a leadership issue?

This is why critical thinking is very helpful. It allows you to determine the real cause of the problem and to properly identify the right solution.

If you only look at a problem from a single perspective, then you will most probably just come up with a short-term solution. This is because the real cause of the problem is not clear to you. On the other hand, critical thinking enables you to think of a long-term solution. When you look at the issue from different perspectives, then you will be more capable of identifying the root cause and formulating the most effective solution to be implemented.

Critical thinking is about looking beyond what is easily seen. It is about being inquisitive and relentless in finding the best approach to any issue or problem. This ability is valuable in the workplace regardless of your designation. Being able to apply critical thinking in everyday life helps you not only to become a good problem solver but a good decision maker as well. If you want to read more tips, you can read my previous article here. Good luck!