You Can’t Always Choose The People You Work With, But You Can Choose To Learn How To Deal With Them

“Do what you want that works.”
― Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

“To stand up straight and tread the turning mill,
To lie flat and know nothing and be still,
Are the two trades of man; and which is worse
I know not, but I know that both are ill.”
― A.E. Housman, More Poems

“Lucian’s father had warned him to fear idle men. Without the pride gained from a good day’s work, they were left to their vices and the doubts that crowded their head. Their hatred. Their envy.”
― Melina Marchetta, Quintana of Charyn

“If you expect great things of yourself and demand little of others, you’ll keep resentment far away.”
― Confucius, The Analects

“You can’t always choose the people you work with, but you can choose to learn how to deal with them. They are all different.” – Charles”
― Rowan Speedwell, Kindred Hearts

“Wings are like dreams. Before each flight, a bird takes a small jump, a leap of faith, believing that its wings will work. That jump can only be made with rock solid feet.”
― J.R. Rim

“If you want an incredibly passionate, happy, ALIVE business…don’t overcomplicate things. Once all is said and done, the foundational elements of a successful business are very simple: respect, service, value and sales. Comparatively, everything else is froth.”
― Richie Norton

“Be a worthy worker and work will come.”
― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

“The employed are punished by having to do what they do not love. The self-employed are punished by the opposite.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“There are plenty of people dragging themselves miserably through the world, because they are clogged and fettered with work for which they have no fitness… I can’t help believing that nothing is better than to find one’s work early and hold fast to it, and put all one’s heart into it.”
― Sarah Orne Jewett, A Country Doctor